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The Dark Harbor is an ongoing Shadowrun Campaign set within Seattle.

In the year 2012, Magic returned to the world. The ushering in of the Sixth Age saw the arrival of Dragons, of Wars, and the mutations known as metahumanity - people who experienced Unexplained Genetic Expression, becoming Elves, Dwarves, Orks, and Trolls.

Mega-corporations and people with real power send liaisons into the dark to hire undesirables and anarchists, criminals and street soldiers. The year is now 2078, and The Harbor itself is an area within the Metroplex which plays host to a number of these types as well as the metahumans of Seattle.

Owned and overseen by an individual known only as "Oliver," there are rumors that he is a young dragon who has purchased the territory and has claimed its denizens as part of his hoard. Few have actually met him, and fewer still will discuss their encounters openly. However, the focus of The Harbor has been made clear: It is a refuge for metahumans, specifically the downtrodden. And it is a place where they gather to find work in the shadows.